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Health & Wellness Savings Calculator.

Virtual Fitness Coach has created a research-based tool called "Health & Wellness ROI Calculator", to help you determine the effect a high impact Wellness Program can have on Your Employees. This Wellness Calculator helps visualize the ROI and potential savings your company could obtain from Our effective Health & Wellness Program. Start Calculating your savings today by inputting the necessary information into the Wellness Calculator below.
For more information about our Cost Effective & Innovative Health & Wellness Program Please Review Our ROI page & contact our team.

Number of fulltime
Obese % (1)
Overweight % (2)
Health Care Cost
Per Employee (3)
Average Salary
Average Missed Days
Among Obese Population (4)
Total Overweight &
Total Obese Employees
Total Overweight
Potential Health Care
Savings (5)
Potential Absenteeism
Total Potential Savings

  1. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that the prevalence of obesity in adult Americans is 32.2%.
  2. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 34.1% of adult Americans are overweight.
  3. Nationwide, employer-covered health care cost averages of $9,500 per employee.
  4. Shockingly, the International Journal of Obesity reports that obese employees miss 13 times more days of work than their normal-weight colleagues.
  5. A study from Kaiser Permanente indicates that a modest weight loss of 5%, attained by participation in a health & wellness program, resulted in cost savings from the perspective of the health care system of more than $400 per patient per year..(For a 200 lb adult, that is only 10 lbs)

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Complete online reporting system capturing client progress and weight loss allows you to monitor the utilization and effectiveness of the program.

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