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Employee Health And Wellness & Corporate Fitness Program

Helping Companies get Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Step up your Wellness Initiative to the next level with Virtual Fitness Coach.
Virtual Fitness Coach is a complete individualized and interactive program that guides the user
exercise-by-exercise, meal-by-meal and mile-by-mile to their goals.
For all activity levels -- whether they like to walk, jog, work out at home, at the gym, or in fun groups!
The Virtual Fitness Coach knows you and your name...
Wellness ROI Calculator
The Facts
It's 2019 -- Where will your company be in 2020?

    Obese & Overweight Americans
    (65% of adults):

incur 36% higher health care costs.

miss about 13x more work days per year from injury or illness.

accounted for more than 25% of the increase in health care costs between 1987 and 2001.

who participate in Wellness Programs, give their company a typical 2 to 16x R.O.I.

The Bottom Line.
Virtual Fitness Coach
can help you save money while improving your employees’ health. Find out how.

Make it fun & they will come!
Individualized & Interactive Program
Virtual Fitness Coach Online Nutrition Programs
Virtual Fitness Coach’s custom daily fitness programs and flexible meal plans help improve the health and productivity of employees and your company.

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Keep Track of your investment
Virtual Fitness Coach Online Fitness Programs & Training
Complete online reporting system capturing client progress and weight loss allows you to monitor the utilization and effectiveness of the program.

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What is your Company doing?
Virtual Fitness Coach The Advantages of Online Fitness
We understand the corporate health needs of companies and employees. Let one of our experts chat with you about what your company is currently doing for employee health and wellness and how we might be able to help. There is no obligation.

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