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Today’s Teens Needs To Exercise!
Easy Exercises for Teens To Do

As a veteran fitness trainer and past Iron Man competitor I am frequently asked questions about health and exercise dilemmas. For instance, new moms want tips to drop their pregnancy weight and men want advice on building more muscle. Recently, though, I've noticed the increasing interest -- of parents and teens alike -- in effective exercises to halt the growing number of overweight teens in this country. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, approximately 15% of adolescent's aged 12 to 19 are overweight, a statistic that's nearly tripled in the last 20 years. Parents are worried for their children's health and teenagers feel hopelessly stuck. As a professional in the fitness industry I am already aware of the dangerous growing number of unhealthy teens, as well as the little-recognized cause of this epidemic. And as I suspect my reading audience here will consist mostly of concerned parents and not teenagers, I want to recount a funny story a friend told me recently. Hopefully it will shed some light on how we – as parents -- can easily assist teenagers today in their quest for weight loss.

His story begins: "My ex-wife and I were at the doctor's office with our two children who were 13 and 16. My wife was bemoaning the fact that the teens ate candy and sugary foods all day long, to which the doctor, in a deadpan face, replied: 'Mrs. Smith, I have to let you know that all my patients believe that their teens have some special gift -- be that musical talent, reading ability or sport. I must say that your sons are perhaps the most amazing pair I've ever encountered. At their age they have developed the skills to, undetected: earn money, get out of the house, get into the car, drive to the store, push a cart around the store, select their sugary fixes, go to the checkout, pay for their goods, drive back home, sneak into the house and put the goods in the pantry so they can later, take them off the shelf at will – that, dear lady, is genius!'"

I'm not quite sure what happened to that doctor-patient relationship. But I think he drove his point home. Which leads me to this observation: the probability of you, reading these words, being of the age that I'm targeting, is doubtful. Simply put, it is rare for teens to read about exercise. They're going to read about what kids read about. Parents are the ones who need to read about exercises for their teen because the last time I checked, teens are nothing more than miniature versions of their parents (Which I hope doesn't come as a surprise). But there's a huge caveat that needs to be mentioned.

As a kid and teenager (I turn 50 in April '09), the word exercise was blasphemous to me and all my mates. Not only did it sound disgusting, but we got the impression it would cut into our 'play' time. So if you thought you could make me exercise when I had plans to 'play' soccer, 'play' rugby, 'play' baseball or 'play' hopscotch etc., you had better watch out. I was bound and determined to come up with other things to 'play' in order to avoid the dreaded feat of exercising.

As a result of our heretical thinking, we were a bunch of skinny, snotty-nosed teens who could eat and drink whatever was put in front of us (and more), because within minutes of it being consumed, it was being burned off! I'm going to throw out something a little esoteric for you to consider -- the second law of thermodynamics. It sounds as if it's going to be very technical but it's very very simple and extremely important when it comes to exercise & nutrition for YOU and you're Teen. Energy in = Energy out. SO… If you feed your child, you give them energy, if they then go out and 'play/exercise,' they burn off that energy. The problem with today's teens is that they are less likely to "play" or perform some sort of physical exercise than with previous generations, thanks in part to the TV, Xbox, computer etc.

With that information in mind let's turn it around and forget the exercise or "play time" after a meal. Energy in STILL Equal's Energy out. Without decent exercise your "little" teen's body will soon become a big one! Keep in mind that our bodies were designed to store fats, nutrients and energy for later dates…this is how we as humans are able to survive weeks without food but only a few days without water.

So I'll wrap this up by calling it the way I see it. I expect few teens to actually read this article but I fully expect plenty of parents to come across it. If you, as a parent, are overweight, what chance do you think your children have of not becoming an overweight version of yourself? You MUST realize that the health concerns you place upon yourself for being overweight pale in comparison to those that you place upon your children. What are you going to do about it? At its most simple level I want you to always remember Energy in = Energy Out. However; for the quickest results I strongly urge you and your teen to take a look at our online training program so that there is no guesswork when it comes to what you need to eat and when. You won't have to think about what exercises to do each day because we will have told you in the morning. Below are some basic exercises to get you started but to get fast results please check out our membership options which include a 2 week Free Trial and explore the site.

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